Bullpen Sports Mission:
Bullpen Sports training offers different training programs for both athletes and non-athletes who are passionate about achieving their own personal goals. Bullpen Sports provides the education, knowledge, nutrition guidelines, and skilled instructors to separate the contenders from pretenders. Bullpen Sports provides a variety of programs such as:

  • Sports Performance (speed/agility/quickness/ploymetrics/Spoga)
  • Strength and Power
  • Team/Individual Training
  • Nutrition
  • General Wellness/ Weight Loss
  • Biomechanic Training
  • Group Boot-camps

Sports Performance Training:
Programs are designed to develop and improve upon how quickly we can move our bodies and reduce the amount of stress we place upon it. Focusing on proper mechanics to work more efficiently and effectively we train our fast twitch muscle fibers for quickness, speed, agility, spoga, and plyometrics. Performance training increases mobility and flexibility to decrease injury potential.

Strength and Power:
Incorporated with sports performance, strength and power is key to the development and success of an athlete. Introducing athletes to Olympic lifts, proper movements, joint stabilization, traditional weight training will push athletes to their limits and continued growth. Creativity, and nontraditional exercises keep athletes engaged and improving without plateau.

Team Training:
Team training is important for the building of team chemistry and teamwork. It promotes competition and motivational support from our teammates. Our Team Training programs are designed to create a workout that is customized to each teams needs, educational, progressive, and challenging. Programs are created to train proper biomechanics, functional movement, strength and power, speed and agility, multidirectional movement, and nutrition.

No program or athlete is complete without proper nutrition. The fuel we feed our bodies to perform at optimum levels or for general energy and weight loss is crucial to a training program. With our skilled nutritionist we provide the knowledge and education needed meet your needs and goals.

General Wellness/Weight Loss:
Our wellness programs are designed to give individuals’ youth and adults the knowledge, motivation, and inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle. Through functional movement, incorporating suspension trainers, kettlebells, med balls, bands and much more we create a workout program for everyone to better themselves physically, emotionally and mentally.

Biomechanic Training:
Biomechanics is crucial to all ages to allow our bodies to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. We do analysis of our functional movements and show proper form to perform everyday activities, as well as to execute weight lifting exercises. It elevates body aches, and helps prevent injuries and promote proper muscle growth.

Bullpen Sports offers bootcamps for everyone. Taking place in a group setting these classes provide everyone with proper training exercises to achieve their goals. With the support of the trainers and fellow classmates it generates motivation and inspiration to push ourselves. Creative workouts from using all forms of training and nutrition plans help keep interest and motivated.